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About The Company

Eos Strategies is owned and operated by its principal, Rebecca Rodriguez.

Eos Strategies is a multi-service consulting firm focused on organizational and small business growth. Our clients include governmental organizations and mid-level private firms looking to create and/or expand MWBE engagement, small businesses and startups who are looking to hit growth metrics, and mid-level construction firms who are looking to build stronger relationships with MWBE firms to compete on public works projects. We help our clients meet their organizational goals and to have the systems in place needed to succeed.


Rebecca has been working in organizational development and the entrepreneurial community since 2004. She has honed a very diverse skill set from the range of businesses she has worked with, which include tech startups, brick and mortar retail, restaurants, service-oriented firms, organizations, large private academic institutions and construction-trade businesses. Specialties include: strategy, business plan development, program design and access to capital. She has also conducted workshops in a wide variety of small business topics.


Rebecca also has extensive program development experience. She has launched an economic development center, directed numerous program overhauls, and has guided organizational development. She has a passion for helping ideas grow and come to fruition, building systems to define success and measure scalability. 

We want to work with you and help you deliver the same result. 

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Some Projects

Here is a sample of some projects worked on:

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