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We know business, and we know how to position entrepreneurs for growth. Our entrepreneurial coaching services include business plan development, growth planning, market segmentation, MWLBE application, access to capital, funds management, and strategy development.

We also conduct organizational & small/medium business enterprise seminars on a variety of topics, including:

  • Strategy Analysis Tools, including:

    • SWOT Analysis - what it is, how to best use this strategy tool and a run through of its various uses in making business decisions

    • S.M.A.R.T goals - simplified strategy for goal setting and establishing an action plan. 

  • Business/Growth Plan Development - business planning, including review of all the major facets of a business plan – marketing, financing and business concept.(Individual coaching sessions also available).

  • Vision & Goal Setting - establishing your vision, and the difference between vision and goals. Interactive workshop where participants can outline business development goals for a 12-month period. 


  • Marketing – focus on market research and how participants can conduct appropriate industry, target customer, and market segmentation research.  


  • Financing & Access to Capital – review of full access to capital options, from ‘bootstrapping’ through to venture capital investing. 

  • Pitch Development – review of 4 different ‘pitch’ types, and the elements of each. 


  • Operations and Organizational development, including:

    • Organizational Development Value – Workshop focuses on how organizations influence employee behavior and motivation. 

    • Organizational Culture – A review of change management and using gained knowledge from these areas to affect a culture of growth and innovation. nd your employee retention strategy. 

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