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MWBE Engagement

"We must continue our laser focus on reinvigorating the State’s economy, because that is the engine that pulls the train."

Governor Cuomo

Eos Strategies has extensive experience working with the MWBE community. Our services include working with non-profit and governmental organizations in creating capacity programs for MWBE firms. We also provide assessments of current programming to provide recommendations towards enhancements or evolving program offerings to meet goals. 


For mid-level construction firms, understanding the process for acquiring competent, work-ready MWBE construction trade firms is a daunting task. We provide sourcing to find firms with the fiscal, operational and field capacity in place to help you finish your projects seamlessly. Eos will do the vetting for you and continue working with the firms to help make sure they stay in compliance.

We will handle the background work, so you can get to the business of building New York.
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